How to Remove, Clean and Maintain LifeSmart Spa Filter

Every month, the LifeSmart spa filter cartridge should be cleaned to remove the objects and particles that have lodged in the cartridge pleats. Using household water pressure and a garden hose with a pressurized nozzle, push water from inside to outside of the pleats, forcing all the trapped particles out.

NOTE: Do NOT run your spa without a filter cartridge.

NOTE: The filter cartridges should be replaced every six to eight months or earlier for heavy users.

Dirty filters can cause your spa pump to burn out and will invalidate your warranty. 

How to remove LifeSmart Filter Cartridge and Cleaning Instructions

The filter is attached to the spa by the male thread on the bottom of the filter.

• Turn off the power to the spa at the subpanel breaker or unplug the spa power cord from the outlet.

• Push down slightly and turn filter basket counter clockwise to unlock, then pull the basket.

• Unscrew the filter cartridge counter clockwise and remove from the spa.  Turn filter 7-8 times or more.

• Rinse cartridge using a garden hose. Rotate and separate filter pleats while spraying water to remove all dirt and debris possible. Let filter dry and look for calcium deposits (scaling) or an oil film. If you find these, you will need to deep clean your filter cartridge with a “spa filter cleaner” solution to break down and remove unwanted deposits and oils. (For longer filter life you should soak filter in solution regularly.) 

CAUTION!  Always use proper eye protection when using chemicals, or high-pressure water. Read instructions on cleaning products and follow applicable safety and warning instructions listed on label. 

CAUTION! Never scrub the filter cartridge with a brush, as this will cause the filter to wear out and come apart. Never let the spa pump run without a filter cartridge in the skimmer compartment. Running the spa without a filter cartridge may permit debris to enter the spa plumbing

• Replace filter cartridge, then return basket and weir, insert and rotate clockwise to lock into position. 

DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! • Turn on power to the spa.

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Apr 14th 2023

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