Troubleshooting steps for an Artesian Spas pump that is not working

Troubleshooting steps for an Artesian Spas pump that is not working

  1. Clicking Near Control Board:
    • Possible Issue: A blown fuse on the circuit board.
    • Action: Check the circuit board for any blown fuses and replace them if necessary.
  2. Humming But Not Turning On:
    • Possible Issues:
      • Blockage in the water flow.
      • Clogged impeller.
      • Failed capacitor.
      • Closed gate or valve.
    • Actions:
      • Inspect the water flow path for any blockages.
      • Clean the impeller if it’s clogged.
      • Test the capacitor or replace it if needed.
      • Ensure all gates and valves are open.
  3. No Water Flowing From Jets:
    • Possible Issue: An airlock.
    • Action: Bleed the air from the system by opening the air relief valve or loosening a union fitting.
  4. Jets Not Working:
    • Possible Issues:
      • Faulty circulation pump.
      • Clogged filter.
      • Water intake issues.
    • Actions:
      • Check the circulation pump for proper operation.
      • Clean or replace the spa filter.
      • Inspect the water intake area for any obstructions.
  5. Flashing FL1 Code:
    • Possible Issue: Malfunctioning flow switch stuck open.
    • Likely Causes:
      • Dirty filter.
      • Air lock in the system.
    • Actions:
      • Clean or replace the filter.
      • Bleed any air from the system.
  6. Flashing FL2 Code:
    • Possible Issue: Flow switch stuck closed.
    • Action: Inspect the flow switch and ensure it’s functioning correctly.

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May 24th 2024

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