Charcoal Color Spa Cover Replacement Costco® Evolution Spas Model Hilton 120 Heavy Duty 5-3" Tapered

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Hilton Spa Cover Charcoal2
Charcoal Model Hilton 120


Replacement Spa Cover Costco® Evolution Model Hilton 120 Charcoal Color Heavy Duty 5" to 3" Tapered for water run off
Heavy-duty insulated 5" to 3" tapered spa cover energy efficient construction keeps heat from escaping and protects your spa from debris.
The marine-grade vinyl and heat-sealed moisture barrier resist UV rays and water absorption.

  • 5″ Center to 3″ Edge Taper
  • 5.5″ Skirting
  • Heavy Duty Insulation R-23
  • Double Reinforced Folding Hinge
  • Contains Energy-Efficient Polystyrene Inserts
  • Heat-Sealed with Moisture Barrier to Prevent Absorption
  • Load Rating: Very Good
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