New Version 2 Speed 2.5 HP 2007 Jacuzzi® J360 Spa Pump 230 Volt Replaced Emerson T55MWCCE-1208

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Jacuzzi J360 Pump 2 Spd
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New Version 2 Speed 2.5 HP Jacuzzi ® J360 Spa Pump
230 Volt Emerson T55MWCCE-1208
Click here to purchase the required Pump Bracket & 2" Orings

Specifications: Latest Version-Energy Saver Pump

    • 11 / 3.3 Amp
    • 2 Speed
    • 3450 / 1725 RPM
    • 2.5 HP / 4.2 Brake HP
    • 230 Volt
    • 48 Frame
    • Union connection: The inlet and outlet inner diameter is 2".  The outer diameter is 3 1/16".
    • The wet end can be rotated to desired position.
    • Red Wire for High Speed, Black Wire for Low Speed, White Wire for Common, Green Wire for Ground

This is a newer pump design. Your old pump had the mounting base attached to the bottom of the pump.

The new pump does not come with an electrical cord. Reuse the electrical cord from the pump being replaced.

Current Replacement Pump for Jacuzzi® Models: Pump #1 on the control panel

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