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Softub Chemicals

SOFTCARE WATER TREATMENT PRODUCTS.  The Softcare line of water care products have been specifically chosen and formulated for use with Softub vinyl lined spas.  These are the Softub Softcare chemicals we carry.  Softub Softcare chlorine, Softub Softcare water clear, Softub Softcare metal gon, Softub Softcare defoam, Softub Softcare calcium up, Softub Softcare pH, Softub Softcare pH down, Softub Softcare Spa Frog, Softub Softcare Kit, Softub Softcare Filter Renu Cleaner, Softub Softcare Vinyl Cleaner, Softub Softcare Vinyl Conditioner. Softub Softcare test strips. Softub Swirl Away Flush.

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