Latest Version Sundance® Spas Hawthorne® 20XX Gould Laing Circulation Heater Pump, 3/4" Barb, 230 Volt E10-NSHNDNN2W-01 Version 2

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Latest Version Sundance® Spas Hawthorne® 20XX Gould Laing Circulation Heater Pump, 3/4" Barb, 230 Volt E10-NSHNDNN2W-01 Version 2

  • 3/4" Barb, 230 Volt E10-NSHNDNN2W-01-Version 2 @ 10 GPM
  • E10-NSHNDNN2W-01, Laing Pump, 230 / 240 Volt 3/4" inch barbed connection.
  • The E10-NSHNDNN2W-01 , replaced Laing Pumps with a 3/4 inch barbed fitting, 230/240 Volt. Includes power cord but no plug at end.
  • Now has built in plastic base for easy installation and to eliminate rust from the old metal base plate.  This version replaces all prior Laing pumps.  These are a smaller, lighter and more flexible mounting options.
  • The Laing E10 EcoCircPump is used on many spa/hot tubs and can be used to replace most brands of circulation pumps with 3/4 inch barbed fittings.
  • This pump is 40% more efficient than prior models. It also has a smart "chip" to regulate rpm at start up to minimizes cavitation and air locks. 
  • The pump will NOT operate without water.  Do NOT bench test this pump without it being in the spa so the pump is water primed.  The pump was tested at the factory.  There may be water left in the wet end.
Replaced prior versions: 
  • SM909-NH-14 3/4" Barb 230Volt 
  • SM909-NHW-14 3/4" Barb 230Volt 
  • SM909-NH-18 3/4" Barb 230Volt 
  • SM909-NHW-18 3/4" Barb 230Volt 
  • SM909-NH-26 3/4" Barb 230Volt 
  • SM909-NHW-26 3/4" Barb 230Volt 
  • SM959-NHW-26 3/4" Barb 230/50Volt 
  • SM1212-NH-26 3/4" Barb 230Volt 
  • E10-NSHNSW-20
  • E10-NSHNDNN2W-02
  • E10-NSHNDNN2W-01
  • 6000-125 or 6000-125E Sundance® and Jacuzzi® part number
  • This pump replaces old part numbers used by Sundance®, Jacuzzi® and other Manufacturers:

    SM-909-NHW-18 3/4,SM-909-NH-18, E10-NSHNDNN2W-01

NOTE: This pump is a 230/240 Volt Pump, the wiring is white, black and green. The white and black are the 2 hot leads.  Green is Ground. 

  • Motor Bracket: Thermoplastic motor bracket is adjustable to 4 different discharge angles.
  • Construction: Available in 316SS fitted thermoplastic.  Ceramic Bearing Ball and Carbon Bearing Cap: High density ceramic bearing ball and graphite impeller bearing cap designed for high efficiency and long life.
  • Impeller: Highly efficient, clog resistant open impeller is dynamically balanced with carbon bearing for smooth ultra quiet operation.
  • Casing:  Casing is thermoplastic construction.
  • Mechanical Seal: Unique patented design has no mechanical seal which isa potential leak path.
  • Motor: Highly efficient and ultra quiet spherical motor design.
  • Pump is designed for continuous operation. All ratings are within working limits of the motor.
  • Electronics: Embedded microprocessor control is self protected against dry run conditions. Available with variable speed
  • with PWM input or dial control (potentiometer) on the pump.
  • Noise level: Whisper quiet, less than 40 db.
  • Weight: Lightweight construction weighs less than 4lbs
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